Pump dependence of the dynamics of quantum dot based waveguide absorbers

Viktorov, Evgeny A. and Erneux, T. and Piwonski, T. and Pulka, J. and Huyet, G. and Houlihan, John (2012) Pump dependence of the dynamics of quantum dot based waveguide absorbers. Applied Physics Letters, 100 (24). ISSN 0003-6951

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The nonlinear two stage recovery of quantum dot based reverse-biased waveguide absorbers is investigated experimentally and analytically as a function of the initial ground state occupation probability of the dot. The latter is controlled experimentally by the pump pulse power. The slow stage of the recovery is exponential and its basic timescale is independent of pump power. The fast stage of the recovery is a logistic function which we analyze in detail. The relative strength of slow to fast components is highlighted and the importance of higher order absorption processes at the highest pump level is demonstrated.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Times Cited: 0 Viktorov, Evgeny A. Erneux, Thomas Piwonski, Tomasz Pulka, Jaroslaw Huyet, Guillaume Houlihan, John
Departments or Groups: Optics Research Group
Divisions: School of Science > Department of Computing, Maths and Physics
Depositing User: John Houlihan
Date Deposited: 19 Nov 2012 16:17
Last Modified: 22 Aug 2016 10:26
URI: http://repository-testing.wit.ie/id/eprint/2067

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