Working Group on Information Literacy, a cross-sectoral approach towards a national IL strategy [poster presentation]

O'Brien, Terry and Ward, Jamie (2010) Working Group on Information Literacy, a cross-sectoral approach towards a national IL strategy [poster presentation]. In: LILAC (Library Information Literacy Annual Conference), 29 Mar 2010, Strand Hotel, Limerick.

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The Irish Working Group on Information Literacy (WGIL) – 2006-2009 A national project In 2006, the Library Association of Ireland (LAI) Working Group on Information Literacy (WGIL) was established to examine the role of information skills in the Irish library & information sector. This was in recognition of the increasing importance and topicality of information literacy across library sectors. No national cohesive strategy for IL existed at the time. The role of this group was inter alia to “ … adopt a standard for Information skills; lobby to ensure government is made aware of the need for and the value of Information skills; lobby government to recognise and affirm the role of Libraries in the delivery of maintenance of Information skills”. Following this, a call went out to Library Association of Ireland members and a small group, consisting of practitioners from the main library sectors (academic, special, public, health, schools) was duly formed. The agreed role of the group was to -“recommend strategies for the development of information skills education at both theoretical and practical level in the library and information services sector in Ireland”. This paper outlines the work and activities of this small voluntary cross-sectoral group culminating in the completion of a final report and series of recommendations presented to the Executive Board of the LAI in 2009. Cross-sectoral approach Although little tradition in the Irish LIS sector, the work of the group was characterized by a cross-sectoral approach, recognizing the diversity of the different sectors but also the common goals of information literacy. The paper outlines the organizational structure and workings of the group, highlighting the agreed role, terms of reference and body of work carried out by the group over a 2-3 year period. This work has included reviewing definitions and standards, agreeing a framework and IL standard as well as the final report and recommendations. The group has met approximately 12 times during its lifetime and has presented to a number of influential groups and conferences during the past three years. The group was formally endorsed by the association during 2006, and has been a firm advocate for information skills through various communication channels. A number of articles have also been published (see references). The paper will highlight the key outcomes of the group, including a sectoral-based report based on IL activity in Ireland of which the main points will be emphasised, practical recommendations and suggestions and an entreaty to move towards a national policy on IL (similar to the Scottish model). Some of the difficulties and practicalities of the cross-sectoral approach will be discussed. The main key points of the final report and recommendations will be outlined as well as strategies and suggestions for further development. Following the report, a review of the potential implementation / action phase of the group going forward will be discussed - TFIL – “Task Force on Information literacy”.

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