The new ISO-standard on ”Soundscape” - Maximizing the benefit for the Architectural design process

Bauer, Jurgen (2016) The new ISO-standard on ”Soundscape” - Maximizing the benefit for the Architectural design process. Proceedings of 45th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering. ISSN 0105-175x

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The new ISO 12913-1 introduces a conceptional framework for the ”Soundscape” approach and refers to ”factors relevant for measurement and reporting of soundscape studies, as well as planning, design and management of soundscape”. This emphasizes a common ground to Soundscape for Acousticians and Architects/Urban Designers (among others): for Acousticians to investigate sound qualities in relation to their specific context, and for Architects/Urban Designers to pro-actively implement sound qualities into their designs. However, both professions usually come from fundamentally different perspectives: Acousticians rather act as ”analysts”: they observe specific environments in order to derive findings, such as patterns, generalizations or rules; Architects tend to do the exact opposite and act as ”synthesizers”: they use patterns, generalizations and rules, in order to integrate them into the design of a specific environment. Consequently, the expectations and the outcome of a ”standardization” approach may differ significantly. The paper discusses the underlying triangulation principle of the soundscape-approach based on ”peoplecontext- acoustic environment” against a proposed similar triangulation of the Architectural/Urban design process based on ”programme-context-idea”. It explores the potentials of the Soundscape approach from an Architect’s view and the way it could be enhanced by an interdisciplinary approach as anticipated in the new ISO.

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