Impact Analysis of Large-Scale Lean Manufacturing Initiatives Upon Manufacturing Process Innovation in Irish Companies

McGrath, William (2007) Impact Analysis of Large-Scale Lean Manufacturing Initiatives Upon Manufacturing Process Innovation in Irish Companies. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

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Lean manufacturing is a strategic tool that is used to reduce waste and to generally improve the efficiency and competitiveness of many companies and organisations. Many industries that have implemented lean manufacturing have achieved improved performance over time. This dissertation focuses on two medical device companies based in the South of Ireland and their views on the many issues involved in implementing lean in their respective companies. The purpose of this dissertation is to determine the extent to which the main principles of lean manufacturing have been and/or still being carried out in both companies. Also this dissertation aims to establish some of the main issues involved in the execution of those principles over time in each of the processes. In general this dissertation aims to provide a theoretical guide to understanding key concepts of lean manufacturing and the practical issues that occur in the implementation of the methodology in both companies. Semi-structured interviews were carried out in both companies in order to extract the key findings and lessons learned from the implementation of the lean process. The respondents in each company were chosen for their experience and expertise in lean manufacturing and production areas. The research findings indicate that both companies have made some great improvements in terms of the value streams of their respective plants and also in the reduction of waste and inventory. One of the main benefits that both companies have seen in implementing lean initiatives is continuous improvement that delivers sustained value to customers and stakeholders and provides a platform for future business growth. In conclusion, lean manufacturing is considered a strategic tool to help improve the competitive position of an organisation. Although there have been several barriers and obstacles to get by, it can be seen that lean has been a huge success in both organisations involved in this study and the future hopes of each company include lean initiatives to help both plants compete more strongly in their individual markets.

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